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Community Sports Van Update

We are thrilled to announce that Sport Twizel has been successful in a recent Trust Aoraki funding round, receiving just under $25,000 to put towards a community sports van! The vehicle will be purchased in September 2020.

It will mainly be used by sports clubs that travel regularly to compete and/or practice however we would love to make the van available to other members and groups in our community.

The van will be of immense benefit to the community and fits well with our board’s mission statement as having a larger vehicle for travel will greatly enhance sporting opportunities by reducing the costs of participating in sport for local families.

We have created a cost pricing model to establish hire rates to cover the van’s insurance and maintenance but are now seeking additional sponsorship to help bridge the gap between the current funding and the estimated spend on a van sourced by South Canterbury Toyota. We need an additional $10,000 and are hoping for further support from interested local businesses and/or individuals.


· Purchase and establish a Twizel Sports community van for groups needing to travel for sports practices, games, tournaments or clinics.

· Ensure that the running of the van is sustainable through its use/hire scheme.

· Communicate the van hire scheme to other potential users through appropriate marketing channels.

· Extend fleet of vans as sporting numbers in Twizel grow – a long-term goal!

Sponsorship tiers:

· $5000 gives the main sponsor principal naming rights to the vehicle, with screenwriting on one side of the van.

· $1000 gives five minor sponsors a smaller logo on the back of van under the headline “Proudly Supported By”.

Sponsorship benefits:

As the van will regularly travel throughout the Mackenzie, North Otago, and South Canterbury districts, the sponsors will receive great publicity to the general public regarding their generous support of the van. This is a fantastic brand awareness opportunity!


● Sport Twizel Facebook page: will link to other community Facebook pages for van updates which will include acknowledgement of our sponsors and links to their Facebook page.

● Sport Twizel website: will contain the hire agreement and rates for groups to use the van and display sponsors’ logos with links to sponsors’ websites.

● Twizel Update: article will announce the sponsorship support of the van.

● Twizel Area School: communications with school groups regarding van use will display our sponsors’ logos.

● Newsletter: communication with member clubs will acknowledge sponsors, display logos and link to their websites.

Other marketing opportunities:

● Development of a ‘photo memory book’ of the van being used by various groups for the sponsors.

● Timaru Herald: secure newspaper article outlining the sponsorship of the van and its benefits to the community.

● Create a sign to erect at Top Hut Bar and Bistro (where the van will be stored) with sponsors’ logos.


Our other supporters include Trust Aoraki and Top Hut Bar and Bistro. They will also have their logos displayed however the principal sponsor will have one side of the van solely dedicated to their business.

Evaluation strategy:

We will measure our success in this project by tracking how often the van is used and where it travels to.

We would love to hear from local businesses and/or individuals regarding this opportunity so please email or call Amy Menard, the Sport Twizel administrator, for more information.

027 545 1519

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