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We aim to facilitate the development and enjoyment of all sport and sports infrastructure in Twizel.

Sport Twizel is a new 'umbrella' organisation established in June 2016 to provide support in the areas of strategic, governance, and facilities development for all sports clubs in Twizel.  Our formal identity is the Twizel Sports Development Board.

As well as aiming to help strengthen individual Twizel sports clubs, we provide coordination of the needs of the different sports. We attempt to identify as many commonalities as possible between sports to present a strong and unified pitch to the Twizel Community Board, Mackenzie District Council, and funding bodies as we seek to improve the facilities in town and in the district at large for the benefit of all sports supporters and participants.

We aim to foster collaboration between clubs to achieve our

common sports vision and goals for Twizel. 


Twizel is one of the most isolated towns in the country, and the dedication to sport by parents and children is phenomenal. For Twizel children to play a team sport in the weekend, they are required to travel for up to two hours each way to play on a Saturday morning. Mid-week training can often involve similar kilometres, with rugby players often travelling to Fairlie (one hour each way) to train with their Mackenzie Rugby Football Club teammates.

The Twizel township was established in the early 1970, as the main base for the construction of the Upper Waitiki Hydro Scheme. Some of the valued community sporting facilities established in these days are still operating today. However, 45 years later, some of these assets need to be repaired, refreshed, and refitted with the modern conditions, amenities, and health and safety features that are taken for granted in many urban towns. 

We aim to work with local sports clubs to continually improve Twizel's sports facilities.

Twizel is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. Sport Twizel aims to ensure that the sporting facilities develop at a similar pace so that the children of this town have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the essential life skills that sport provides.

As an example of what we do, we have already completed one community project of major interest of re-sowing the soccer and rugby pitches, which suffer from the rigours of winter and long harsh dry periods in summer. 

Other projects that will benefit the community include additional sports ground lighting for evening training, enhancements to the swimming pool facilities, common clubrooms, shared transport, and warm and inviting changing facilities.

The establishment of the board has required hours of dedication and time from a small working party of volunteers, the majority of whom are parents of young children. The board has also become an incorporated society, and our focus is now centred on fundraising, building our identity, and developing strong relationships within the community.

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