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Cricket Club Joins

Sport Twizel is excited to have the Twizel Cricket Club join this past month. Cricket Club organizer Melissa McLellan is eager for the Twizel community to experience the benefits of cricket sharing that “Cricket is a great sport to develop teamwork and some key skills” making it a perfect sport for young athletes to try. The club encourages athletes to develop into well rounded players and people  by pushing athletes to try different aspects of the sport like wicket keeping, bowling and batting.

Cricket develops many transferable skills. First developing motor skills like throwing and catching  that are transferable to other sports. Problem solving is another skill that is developed as the athletes work together to get the ball back to the wickets from the outfield or as they try not to run each other out. But what the young athletes have been most excited about  is the skills they are developing in the areas of leadership and teamwork both on and off the field. Athlete Sam Wansbrough - Age 11 says he likes “Cricket because it's challenging and active and you learn new things. I like that we need to work together as a team”, Ollie Clouston age 8 added “it's not always about winning, its about having fun”.

Currently there is a Twizel and a Tekapo B grade team. If you are in Twizel and want to give Cricket a go, they practice every Thursday evening at the Twizel Area school field from 5:00 - 6:30pm. If you are in Tekapo and want to give Cricket a go, they practice from 4:00-5:30 pm on Monday evening at the Community Hall Tennis courts.

For more information on the new Cricket Club you can visit the Cricket Club tab.

Young Athletes learning the basics of Cricket!

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